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Campaign Management Software

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List of Best Campaign Management Software

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Comarch Features : Document Management, Document Indexing, Version Control, Drag & Drop, Content Management

About Comarch SA : Comarch Field Service Management (FSM) is a comprehensive WFM (Workforce Management) solution for scheduling, staffing, managing, and supporting the workforce in the field, which results in significantly increased efficiency of operations.

Vendor : Comarch SA
Total Employees : 20
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Founded Year : 2000
Free Trail : No
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Top 10 Campaign Management Software

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Campaign Management Software

Campaign Management Software Buyers Guide

What is Campaign Management Software?

The campaign management software is a complete suite of applications designed to manage lead and campaigns with ease. It can perform a number of tasks such as handling email marketing, tracking website visitors, managing leads and social media etc. The software application is also useful for reporting and analysis as well. It can be easily integrated with your existing marketing tools to offer you a complete marketing automation package with minimal IT involvement. You can also check the mobile compatibility of your website through the software and can get suggestions for improving your score on visitor retention. When it comes to traffic, it lets you know the percentage of organic and referral traffic thereby enabling you to better strategize your marketing campaigns for optimum output.

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