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Oracle Aconex

Construction Project Management Software

Oracle Aconex Features : Budget Tracking/Job Costing, Change Orders, Commercial, Contract Management, Contractors, Incident Reporting, Residential, RFI & Submittals, Subcontractor Management

About Oracle : Oracle Aconex is cloud-based construction management software that connects major construction and engineering projects. Aconex is one of the best solutions to manage information and work process across your projects while handling multiple assignments. Aconex deals with document management, project controls, workflow management, BIM management, quality, and safety of projects, providing insights into projects and analyzing data, bidding and estimating quotes.

Vendor : Oracle
Total Employees : 1000
Price :
Founded Year : 2000
Free Trail : Yes
Country : USA
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Top 10 Construction Management Software

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Construction Management Software

Construction Management Software Buyers Guide

What is Construction Management Software?

It is a proven enterprise-grade solution for construction project managers to handle projects of higher volume and complexity with ease. It helps you manage the unlimited number of projects and offers complete visibility on the ongoing progress on a real-time basis. Best known as construction estimating software, it has Predefined templates for the common capital project execution processes. Through automated workflow processes and other tools, it handles a number of tasks such as document management, contact management, scheduling, contact storage, RFIs management, the creation of submittals, maintenance of daily logs etc. Also when it comes to finalizing the decide the final cost of the project, you can use the application as construction cost estimating software.

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