Merchants selecting into sponsor listing, Lead Campaigns or some other limited time administration concurrences with infobrez consent to give precise and opportune installment techniques ready to go inside their record on the seller gateway to work with the charging for administrations delivered or to be delivered anytime, except if a particular consent unexpectedly has been set up. Sellers consent to pay infobrez for all Referrals gathered over a settled upon period inside five (5) working days of the finish of the period and permit infobrez to charge their picked installment technique quickly or whenever after the period closes, except if in any case concurred, assuming an installment strategy is provided.

It is the Vendors' liability to ensure that their provided installment technique is opportune and ready to go anytime. Infobrez for the most part gives solicitations inside the Vendor entrance after installment is gotten and email warnings of charges.

Any questions for Referrals or installments should be raised inside five (5) working long periods of installment by reaching infobrez through a reasonable contact point on its site. Crozdesk Ltd won't be considered liable for any installment debates presented past this time.

If infobrez stops to exchange or goes through liquidation any exceptional Vendor account credit won't be discounted.

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