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Property Management Software

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List of Best Property Management Software

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Buildium Property

A cloud-based property management software

Buildium Property Features : Asset & Property Tracker, Expense Management, Multi Currency, Multi Location, Discounts & Coupons, Property Management

About Buildium : Buildium software helps property management companies become more effective and useful. It obtains all Property Management becoming the only resolution that really helps property managers expand revenue by connecting them with property owners in their area.

Vendor : Buildium
Total Employees : 50
Price : 50
Founded Year : 2015
Free Trail : No
Country : USA
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Top 10 Property Management Software

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Property Management Software

Property Management Software Buyers Guide

What is property management software?

Property management software streamlines and automates the day-to-day responsibilities of landlords and property owners or managers. The core functionality of property management software revolves around the management of real estate, either in terms of physical space, tenants, leasing, or accounting. Property management software supports a variety of residential and commercial property types and can scale up or down, depending on property portfolio size.

Products in the property management category must tailor their functionality to one or more of the following sectors: commercial, industrial, retail, or mixed user, residential, or multifamily. Commercial property management facilitates the management of any income-producing properties and commercial spaces. Industrial, retail, or mixed-user property management supports a specific subset of commercial property management—industrial (manufacturing, warehouses, etc.), retail, or mixed user. Residential property management facilitates the management of any property used for residential purposes, including single-family homes, multifamily properties, or both. Multifamily property management supports a specific subset of residential property management—residential buildings that have more than one housing unit and tenant.

To qualify for inclusion in the Property Management category, a product must:

  • Track and monitor the financials of a real estate property
  • Be used by property owners, property managers, or landlords
  • Automate the daily operations of a real estate property
  • Provide a portal or method of communication between tenant and property manager

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